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We specialize in Native American designs but love any type of designing. Bring it on!

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Jeffries Design's skills and capabilities are strong enough to handle any project you may need to complete your business.


Jeffries Design stays on top of contemporary designs as well as custom as per your request. Jeffries Design can both design and print anything under the sun from brochures, logos, business cards to outdoor signage, vehicle wraps, billboards and a whole lot more!

We pride ourselves as a company who is creative, technically minded, and shows great attention to detail, and can easily design, develop and deliver professional, high-end results.


We are highly skilled with the Adobe Creative Suite for both Graphic Designers and Website Designers and have used these programs for over 20 years.



Jeffries Design has added photography to the list of services we provide. You will not be disappointed in the price, nor the quality of your images. Contact for more information.


Get quality, professional printing and quick turn-around times at low costs from the super thick business cards, slick brochures and posters to outdoor signage, car stickers and banners.


About Me


Originally from Dupree, SD, I have since made my home in the beautiful Paha Sapa (Black Hills).

I attended Black Hills State University and received a B.S. in Communication Arts with a Graphic Design emphasis and a Minor in Fine Art. I am also a self-taught photographer.


I had truly amazing professors who helped me realize my God given potential. I am forever grateful to Mr. Dar for believing in me and encouraging me to think above and beyond and to believe in myself. Thank you to Mr. Dubois, you were an amazing art teacher who thought my work was more than I ever imagined it could be.

I am in debt to every print shop, hospital, design agency, and newspaper, which I contribute to rounding out and perfecting my skills as a graphic and web designer..


"It's never too late to change and become a better person in love, life, health and happiness."

Carry on and Be Strong!

My Work

I love designing! Sometimes sitting at my computer for hours on end in order to get that one design just right. Although my passion is adding a touch of Native American flair to my designs, I can do any type of work you need.  Take a look at my work.

What Works


Verbal agreements and handshakes still work in my book. It takes two to meet a deadline...meaning if you give me all the information I need in a timely manner, you are guaranteed to get your finished product or printed pieces on time, or usually before your deadline and you will love it! Plain and simple!

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